Some helpful resources to help spread the message about what is happening with the power grab by the W.H.O. and the proposed amendments to the IHR
Documents for download
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Letters to the Attorney General and Human Rights Commissioner

Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) alongside AusExitsWHO and human rights lawyers that formed our Delegation to Canberra have sent letters to the AG & AHRC. This correspondence will be supported by other Senators and MP's that have been made aware of our message. Read the letters here.

Responses to MP's

Many people, after having sent emails to MP's, received 'standard type' replies which fail to address the gravity of the situation that has been brought to their attention. Here are two documents with suggested responses for download:

Top 10 Reasons.....
Handy 'quick reference' lists that provide bullet points on the most relevant aspects. To use them, click on an image to enlarge, and then right-click and "Save Image As"
Flyers for handing out.....
These are great to help spread the message. To use them, click on an image to enlarge, and then right-click and "Save Image As". Feel free to print them for handing out at gatherings, leave copies in various places or pin up on notice boards. 
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World Health Meetings
James efficacy of WHO
Landscape A4 x 4 per page Flyer
Notice Board Flyer
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Additional Resources
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James Roguski is a powerhouse of information when it comes to the proposed amendments to the IHR and he runs two *daily* zoom calls that anyone is welcome to join.

Join his calls here:
Read his Substack:

Full video by James Roguski:
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