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Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters

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Introducing the ultimate conversation starters for your next social catch up – specially designed Cartoon Coasters! Each coaster in this set of four showcases a different satirical cartoon highlighting a serious issue impacting all Aussies.

Picture this: as your mates reach for their drinks, they'll be greeted by caricatures that spark meaningful discussions about topics ranging from digital currency to the cost of living crisis, all while keeping the mood light and lively.

Designed to provoke thought and inspire action, these coasters aren't just accessories—they're catalysts for change. Whether you slip them under a hot cuppa with a friend at home or under an icy cold beer with a mate at the local pub, with every sip, they’ll be reminded of the importance of these issues.

Get your hands on our Cartoon Coasters today and let the conversations flow!

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