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The recent and proposed changes to the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations (IHR) pose an existential threat to many of the values Australians hold dear.

Under these changes to the regulations, the World Health Organisation would wield unchecked power. Their decisions would bind all member countries, leaving no room for dissent or autonomy. States of Emergency could be declared at their whim, curtailing our liberties with impunity.

The proposed changes seek to undermine democracy and stifle our hard-won freedoms.

The Parliamentary Committee in charge of international treaties is called JSCOT (Joint Standing Committee on Treaties). The Committee is 16 of our elected representatives that are “...appointed by the Commonwealth Parliament to review and report on all treaty actions proposed by the Government before action which binds Australia to the terms of the treaty is taken”.

This danger is real and it demands our immediate action.

You can send an email today to the JSCOT Secretariat and Committee Members

We've simplified the process by preparing a letter that you can copy to your clipboard (with one tap or mouse click), and then you click a button to open your email and you send an email from your computer to the JSCOT secretariat by pasting the letter you copied.

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Stop the W.H.O. takeover by writing to the JSCOT Members in your State NOW

The Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties offers a chance to expose these perilous changes and demand accountability. As a staunch defender of freedom, your voice is crucial. We’re asking you to stand up, and send an email to demand full consideration of, and accountability for these dangerous changes to the International Health Regulations.

Our JSCOT Members
Josh Wilson aspect ratio 185 280
Mr Josh Wilson MP - Chair 9335 8555
Australian Labor Party, Fremantle WA
Phillip Thompson aspect ratio 185 280
Mr Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Deputy Chair 4725 2066
Liberal National Party of Queensland, Herbert QLD (Townsville)
Sam Birrell aspect ratio 185 280
Mr Sam Birrell MP 5821 5371
The Nationals, Nicholls VIC (Central Victoria)
Matt Burnell aspect ratio 185 280
Mr Matt Burnell MP 8258 6300
Australian Labor Party, Spence SA (North Adelaide, Gawler, Barossa)
Matthew Canavan aspect ratio 185 280
Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan 4927 2003
The Nationals, QLD (Rockhampton)
Andrew Charlton
Dr Andrew Charlton MP 9689 1455
Australian Labor Party, Parramatta NSW
David Fawcett aspect ratio 185 280
Senator the Hon David Fawcett 8205 1040
Liberal Party of Australia, SA
Nita Green aspect ratio 185 280
Senator Nita Green 4031 3498
Australian Labor Party, QLD
Daniel Mulino aspect ratio 185 280
Dr Daniel Mulino MP 9070 1974
Australian Labor Party, Fraser (Melbourne) VIC
Deborah Oneill aspect ratio 185 280
Senator Deborah O'Neill 4367 4565
Australian Labor Party, NSW
Henry Pike aspect ratio 185 280
Mr Henry Pike MP 3821 0155
Liberal National Party of Queensland, Bowman QLD (Brisbane/Stradbroke Island)
Kate Thwaites aspect ratio 185 280
Ms Kate Thwaites MP 9459 1411
Australian Labor Party, Jagajaga VIC (Melbourne)
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Time is of the essence. We cannot afford complacency or delay. If we falter, we risk our free and sovereign nation being surrendered into powerful hands of those who do not have our unique true blue, aussie interests at heart.

You're welcome to copy and use any parts of the letter below if you wish to send your own correspondence.

Silence Equals Consent
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Below is the letter that is copied and used for the emails above
You're welcome to copy and use any parts of the letter below if you wish to send your own correspondence

While we do our best to accommodate differences in platforms and setups, sometimes things don't quite work as we intended them to. Our apologies.

There have been reports of some emails returning replies such as 'The email system had a problem processing this message. It won't try to deliver this message again.' Please see the links below for alternative contact pages for the Members of Parliament and Senators. Depending on any word limits imposed on the contact form, you may be able to copy and paste the text from the email you were attempting to send into the contact form. Alternatively, you could use the contact form as a brief introduction to the subject, and a way of requesting an alternate email address.

As an added option, download the PDF just below which contains all contact details as well as pages with online contact forms


Request for clarification on the JSCOT consideration of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Amendments to the International Health Regulations

As a concerned Australian, I am writing to respectfully request your attention and consideration regarding an issue of paramount importance— the recent and proposed changes to the International Health Regulations.

The changes will impact Australia’s ability to respond to any future international health crises and both threaten to change the nature of the relationship between Australia and the WHO as well as undermine Australia’s health and parliamentary authority.

As per the WHO’s own website, ‘’The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States’’. The proposed amendments include that:

  • the words non-binding be deleted (article 1) and
  • their decision will be final over Australia (article 43)

It is also proposed that Australia introduce domestic legislation to implement the WHO’s mandates (article 4).

The deadline for input into a further 300+ proposed changes to International Health Regulations that are currently under negotiation was the 27th January. Whether this deadline was met and the negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy, being held to a large extent in secret and without public input.

The inability of the WHO to demonstrate publicly that it has complied with Article 55 of its own regulations begs the question of their integrity.

I am sure you would be aware that given these are only amendments to an existing agreement they hence do not require any approval by our Government.

As JSCOT approved the initial amendments (adopted in May 2022) prior to the December 2023 deadline the shortened time frames apply to Australia.

I write to ask for an answer to the following question:

  • Given that JSCOT took over 14 months of an 18 month period to assess and approve the small number of initial amendments around time frames (Article 59 IHRAs), what is the timeline proposed by JSCOT to complete the review and recommendations on the over 300 Amendments to the International Health Regulations within the 10 month period allowed, assuming they are passed at the World Health Assembly in May 2024?

This process must include:

  • Consideration of over 300 Amendments to the IHR and their impact, possible benefits or detriments to Australia;
  • Consideration of the impact on Australian domestic laws and our Constitution and the legislation required, also within strict time frames, to implement the IHR Amendments, if approved;
  • Consideration of the impacts on Australian Human Rights laws and legislation especially in relation to empowering the WHO to direct Australia to enforce treatment, detention, surveillance and sharing of personal health data;
  • Consideration of the costs – specified and unspecified – and obligations to support equitable distribution and purchasing of pandemic products;
  • Consultation with the public and reporting on such consultation.

I kindly request that the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Treaties responds to the question above with a timely and constructive answer that will demonstrate a commitment to democratic values and explain how the Committee plans to ensure complete and proper process is observed.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]

[Suburb, Postcode]

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