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Make no mistake, this is an issue affecting all Member States around the world and all countries are mounting their own voices of concern and demanding their governments represents the wills of the people.

Who funds the WHO
Who funds the WHO? Where does the money go?
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In 2022, the World Health Organization spent twice as much money on salaries ($1.164 billion) as they did on medical supplies and materials ($551 million).

WCH rejecting monopoly power
Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Global Public Health: Summary
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As requested, we have outlined the central points of this important 45-page Policy Brief in a 7-page document for your convenience.

the WHO has changed
The WHO Has Changed and Now It is a Threat
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The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) reassures us that the WHO’s “pandemic accord” (or “treaty”) won’t reduce the sovereignty of its Member St...

world health organization takeover feature 800x417
Is WHO a Front Organization for the Takeover of U.S. Government?
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Analysts warn that the ratification of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations could strip away sovereignt...

What you are not being told about outrageous plans to give the WHO power over your life
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THE World Health Organisation (WHO) is proposing the adoption of a ‘Pandemic Treaty’, or ‘Pandemic Accord’ as it is now being called

WEF water Not human right 678x381.jpg
‘Water is Not a Human Right’: WEF Orders Govt’s To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes
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As you are no doubt aware, the global elite are making moves to have people “own nothing and be happy.”

the WHO at 75
The WHO at 75: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
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The World Health Organization is emerging from the peak of the pandemic bruised. Its member states must get back to prioritizing universal health care.

WHO most dangerous
WHO: The Most Dangerous Global Treaty Ever Proposed
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If the World Health Organization’s treaty is widely ratified, the evil twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism will have triumphed over global health, and hence, over humanity....

fight the who now 768x432 1
Fight the WHO Now!
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The WHO is the globalists’ conduit to impose their wicked agendas upon us. They are moving fast and in secrecy to enslave the entire population of the world. We must be vigila...

100 Reasons
100 Reasons
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THE TOP 100 REASONS TO #StopTheTreaty

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