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Make no mistake, this is an issue affecting all Member States around the world and all countries are mounting their own voices of concern and demanding their governments represents the wills of the people.

Article 55 James
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The deadline (January 27, 2024) to submit proposed amendments has passed. It is the responsibility of every sovereign member nation of the WHO to defend the rule of law and enfo...

Campbell Roguski
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After what we have all be through over the last three and a half years, I am reluctant to burden my readers with news that is of cataclysmic proportions…..but I have no choice...

Who funds the WHO
Who funds the WHO? Where does the money go?
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In 2022, the World Health Organization spent twice as much money on salaries ($1.164 billion) as they did on medical supplies and materials ($551 million).

100 Reasons
100 Reasons
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THE TOP 100 REASONS TO #StopTheTreaty

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