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Make no mistake, this is an issue affecting all Member States around the world and all countries are mounting their own voices of concern and demanding their governments represents the wills of the people.

What you should know about the World Health Organization’s plans for you this May
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Most Australians are likely unaware of the proposed new World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty or the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) Amendments which a...

Newsletter #56(1)
Shining a Light on Hidden Information
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An Australian citizen has been denied a Freedom of Information request to know the names and contact information of all the people who have been officially authorised by the Aus...

Article Image State Disaster Mitigation Plan image
NSW State Disaster Mitigation Plan- released 23rd February 2024
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Managed Retreat is front and centre in the NSW State government Disaster Mitigation Plan, released yesterday. This article will cover: What is being proposed under the NSW State...

reclaim ethical medicine
Australian Health Ministers: all power, no responsibility
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I was had. I thought the WHO was the bad guy. Turns out I need to look closer to home. Shout out to James Roguski for helping me realise!

Babet WHO questions parliament
A helping hand for Australian parliamentarians struggling to understand the proposed changes to the International Health Regulations
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Senator Ralph Babet is one of few parliamentarians who actually understand the extent to which these changes will tie us to following the WHO’s lead in the next pandemic

What are the WHO up to this time
What are the WHO up to this time?
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For most Australians, any distant international bureaucracy seems a world away from their everyday lives. When discussing the WHO (World Health Organisation), we have discovered...

Authorising a gov body
Who wants the WHO anyway?
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Australians have until 11.59pm Sunday 24 September 2023 to voice our objections to proposed changes to international law which would see the introduction of a new “pandemic in...

reclaim ethical medicine
Powering up the WHO: be alert and alarmed
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Why proposed changes to the International Health Regulations are a VERY BAD idea

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