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WHO power grab - what is it, why does it matter, and how do I respond?

In this eye-opening masterclass, Libby Klein, a Melbourne-based charity lawyer specialising in legal and governance advice for nonprofits and social enterprises.


With a focus on the World Health Organisation’s power grab, Libby will explain some of the ways in which Australia’s democracy and decision-making processes have been undermined. She will bring us up to speed with the proposed pandemic treaty, and changes to the International Health Regulations, and also with other developments both globally and in Australia, including the UN’s recent Political Declaration, and how emergency law in Australia operates to subvert our democracy..

Equipped with this context we can understand why getting sensible decisions out of our governments and regulators is not as simple as presenting clear data. And with that understanding Libby hopes that AMN members will be better able to identify strategies for bringing about change..

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