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Today, 13th September ,This is Dr David Martin's Speech.

Sept 13/2023: Health and Democracy Under WHO's Proposed Rules. Expert Hearing in the EU Parliament - Dr. David Martin bravely exposes the criminal cartel WHO: Plan it, Fund it, Create it, Deploy & Profit from it. “Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy, of criminal racketeers, resulting in global terrorism for the purpose of profiteering and murder; until we have that conversation, we’re having the wrong conversation.” He also exposes COVID as bio-weapon as part of his presentation. The WHO must be completely destroyed, but Dr. Martin does not mention the fact that this “health” organization is ultimately just a node of the UN; therefore, the UN must first be destroyed, along with Bill Gates and all of his coconspirators. When that happens the WHO simply shrivels up in insolvency.
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