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Matt Canavan warns against WHO pandemic treaty

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has warned against the World Health Organisation (WHO) pandemic treaty claiming Australia shouldn’t be handing over more rights to international bodies. “The WHO pretty much got everything wrong about the pandemic,” Mr Canavan told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “Why would we give this discredited body … more power that’s what’s on the cards here. “This draft would give the WHO powers to provide advice on these matters, it would still require signatories to impose laws on misinformation in their own countries and we’ve seen how damaging that can be in the last couple of weeks. “We shouldn’t be handing over more rights to international bodies, our rights should be protected by our constitution and our laws not subcontracted to international bodies especially as discredited as the WHO is. “Until we have a proper royal commission, we certainly shouldn’t be signing up to a treaty like this that would potentially make things a hell of a lot worse if another pandemic came.”
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