It's time Australia

Exits The W.H.O.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is an agency of the United Nations (UN) and a World Economic Forum (WEF) partner. Their 'One Health' agenda is impacting the cost of electricity and fuel, food security and the education of our children. They are seeking the ability to control Australians.
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The W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) wants to become a legislative authority instead of an advisory board, giving them extraordinary powers that are binding on all Australians.
This must be stopped.
Listen to the 1 minute summation by AEW lead researcher, Karen Fox

It's Time Australia EXITs the W.H.O. !

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Remember the petition to reject the 2022 amendments from June 2023 that generated 55,697 signatures from concerned Australians ?

Finally a response from the Minister of Health (MOH) was received on 13th November, dated 6th October 2023.

It's concerning that the response is dismissive in nature and is neither current nor accurate.

These inconsistencies are highlighted to the Minister of Health in the letter linked below.

Surely the MOH isn't deliberately misleading everyday hardworking Australians concerned about an International body dictating health policy to the people of Australia?

View the letter penned in response to the Minister of Health in the form of an open letter below and decide for yourself. The response to the petition received from the Minister of Health is attached at the end of the letter.

Our open letter response to the Minister of Health

One of the many proposed amendments to the IHR includes removal of wording such as "dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms"

This should alarm every individual on our planet and is why we all need to contact our parliamentary representatives.

That's what this website is for.

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The core purpose of this website

Given the potential dire and horrifying ramifications of these proposed amendments, it is time for Australians to take a stand and let our MP's know that they need to represent "We, the people" with our disapproval of them.

The best way to do this is by writing to and calling our MPs.

Australia's MPs are all listed down below by state. If you want to send an email or call them, we've simplified the process by preparing a letter that you can copy (with one tap or mouse click), and then you click a button to email a selected MP.

While we'd all love the convenience of emailing all MPs at once, sadly, their staff members will delete emails that appear to be part of a mass-mailing campaign.

This is why all emails must be individualised, to ensure they get through.

All it takes is four mouse clicks and typing 10-15 words. If this is too much for us, then we deserve what we get.

  1. Click here to 'Copy the Letter'Copied!
  2. Now select the state you live in below, choose an MP and click Send Email (and then complete the 3 items explained above)
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each MP you'd like to send an email to
Visit to learn more about contacting your local MP's

Silence Equals Consent - Speak Out NOW!

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We'll keep you up to date with how this progresses. We need to work collectively to make a difference
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